School of MRI - MR Safety

Society/Institution: European Society for Magnetic Resonance in Medicine and Biology - ESMRMB
Date: 05.10.2017 - 07.10.2017
Venue: Ospedale di Bolzano
City: Bolzano
Country: Italy
Language(s): English
Main Topic: MR Safety
Expected number of participants: 50 - 100
Type of course: School of MRI
Description: The aim of the course is to provide a systematic overview of the risks connected to superconductive clinical MR systems. It will cover both patient safety and personnel safety. The potential hazards related to the 3 different electromagnetic fields used in MR (the static magnetic field, the switched gradient field and RF field) will be presented and experienced in practical sessions. Another important aspect are the standards of MR Safety and compatibility testing in active as well as non-active implants, with a focus on a training in clinical strategies how to handle implant safety issues in the MR environment, enhance patients safety and improve the MR workflow in daily routine. Special aspects such as cardio-vascular implants and MR Safety issues in interventional MR will be presented, too. The most recent developments and risks of Gadodolinium-based MR contrast agents will be covered. Additionally an introduction to risk management in clinical MR systems will be given. The course will provide a combination of lectures and practical training sessions in smaller groups.
Website: http://www.esmrmb.org/cms/website.php?id=/en/school_of_mri/school_of_mri_2017/mr_safety.htm
Email: office@esmrmb.org
Category: School of MRI
for physicians and MR technologists/radiographers


Number of Credits: An application will be made to the UEMS-EACCME for CME accreditation.
Credit Type: CME credit points
Accreditation Authority: UEMS

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