Proton MR Spectroscopy in Neuroradiological Diagnostics

Society/Institution: Department of Neuroradiology
Date: 23.02.2018 - 24.02.2018
Venue: Lecture Hall, University Childrens Hospital
City: Tübingen
Country: Germany
Language(s): english
Main Topic: Proton spectroscopy
Further Topic(s): single voxel spectroscopy, chemical shift imaging
Expected number of participants: less than 50
Type of course: Workshop
Description: In this workshop, several specialists of spectroscopic measurements in neuroradiological applications will share their experiences and approaches to this technique. The workshop focuses on the most common applications. In addition, there will be several reports on current research projects using proton spectroscopy in neuroradiological topics.
Website: http://www.med.uni-tuebingen.de/Presse_Aktuell/Veranstaltungskalender/Proton+MR+Spectroscopy+in+Neuroradiological+Diagnostics_-port-80-p-127066.html
Email: neurorad-workshop@med.uni-tuebingen.de
Contact person: Mrs. Silke Buschbach


Early registration deadline: 31.01.2018


Number of Credits: 8
Credit Type: Fortbildungspunkte (advanced training points)
Accreditation Authority: Ärztekammer Baden-Württemberg

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