Lectures on MR - Create your own Echo: How to Generate, Calculate and Manipulate Echoes

Society/Institution: ESMRMB
Date: 05.06.2019 - 07.06.2019
Venue: tba
City: Tübingen
Country: Germany
Language(s): English
Main Topic: MR physics
Expected number of participants: less than 50
Description: The course on Create your Own Echo: How to Generate, Calculate and Manipulate Echoes offers a physically and mathematically oriented description of basic and non-basic physical properties of spins exposed to penetrating radio frequency and gradient fields. Is it possible to generate a spin echo with two 10-degree RF pulses? What is the difference between a spoiled gradient echo sequence and a balanced steady state free precession technique? How can we calculate amplitude and phase of spin echoes, stimulated echoes and steady state signals?
Website: https://www.esmrmb.org/education/lectures-on-mr/courses-2019/create-your-own-echo/
Email: office@esmrmb.org
Category: Lectures on MR
for MR physicists and other basic or clinical scientists

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